Medensan Creation Charter

MEDENSA - We The People!

Our defining document is the
Medensan Creation Charter.

The Medensan Creation Charter declares that our symbolic nation: Medensa, has created and authenticates our nationality, our ethnicity, our name and our culture.

 Our name is  Medensan                        Our nationality is Medensan!   Our ethnicity is Medensan!   
Our culture is Medensaism!
Through the Medensan Creation Charter, we finally and proudly state that we are now an ethnic people, complete with a name, a nationality, a culture and a set of laws to guide us. 
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We, the descendants of
African persons
who were enslaved in
the Americas, (Western
have formed a
great symbolic nation

The name of our symbolic nation is

To assure that we each
know who we are, from whom we came, from whence
we came, and the high moral standards to which we subscribe, Our Elders have installed a document in
 which  defines us and charts our future course.

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